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Aura Healing

Auras appear to be unseen spiritual energies to the untrained eye. A low frequency of electricity, commonly referred to as our electromagnetic field, is emitted by all living forces. Simply defined, this electromagnetic field—also referred to as our aura—is what we generally refer to as our "energy." Pratibha Pandit and other intuitive aura readers can see the layers of aura energy that surround a person's body. After ten years of conducting this job, I have realised that these vibrant energy colours reflect a person's emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Who requires aura cleaning?

Just to refresh your memory, your aura is essentially your electromagnetic field. While some claim to be able to perceive auras, most individuals are unable to.

According to Mrs Pratibha Pandit, "Auras are present in all living things on earth. An aura is an energy field that you can see, feel, or even literally see through a spectrum of colours that correspond to your chakras."

Do you Know

  • You can heal yourself with an aura healing session. So, the outcome of the session depends more on you than on the healer. You should be open-minded. You won't heal without your will.
  • For instance, if you hold onto a grudge in the case of emotional problems, the emotional pain will persist.
  • Aura healing at a distance is also an option. Space and time do not have an impact on energy.

Everyone of us has an aura, which embodies our unique identities and the energy we radiate out into the world. While our aura may occasionally be strong and bright, it is frequently harmed or tampered with by the auras of others.

We must therefore be aware of our auras, be able to spot when they may be damaged, and be knowledgeable about how to cleanse them if necessary if we want to be our most honest, aligned, and empowered selves.

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