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Past Life Regression

Hypnotic techniques are used by Mrs Pratibha Pandit in past life regression therapy to help patients in connecting with one or more former lives. Although while discovering former lives is an intriguing experience, the healing potential of past life regression is where its genuine value lies.

The goal of previous life regression therapy is to identify the past life programming that is connected to your current worries and find solutions. Harmony and healing for oneself in this life is the ultimate purpose of past life therapy.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy

This can assist you in learning more about the person you were in your previous existence, the circumstances of that lifetime, significant moments, the locations where energy or emotions have been blocked or stuck, and even other people from that lifetime who may still be present today.

Is it Harmless

Like most psychotherapies, past-life regression can have some positive effects. Talking about one's issues will help in some way. As a result, even if past life regression is only a role-playing game in which the patient obeys the hypnotist's directions, reincarnation may not be true. Regressions into earlier lives are not pushed upon patients. These are always carried out with the patients' consent.

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