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Remedies For Infertility

Are you continually trying but getting no luck for becoming pregnant? Or are you the one seeking for astrological advice for childbirth while going through the pregnancy stage of life? Whatever your situation is, Mrs Pratibha Pandit has the greatest solutions and advice for you, so you have arrived to the perfect place.

Vedic astrology also includes child and pregnancy prediction, which can help to know if a couple will be able to have children or not. To forecast childbirth from horoscope, it is important to study horoscopes of both partners. In addition, there are astrological solutions for childbirth issues specially when no medical issues were found in couples.

Reason and remedy

If the fifth house is weak and a woman's personality is rigid, conceiving will be difficult. If there is a bad planetary alignment, the person may face difficulty getting pregnant and those who already have kids may experience problems with their children's rebellious behaviour. In this situation, medicines for Jupiter are very effective. If Jupiter is weak, delaying having child is not something that should be done. Possible hormonal imbalances brought on by Venus's unfavourable effect must be avoided by adhering to the astrological experts' recommended solutions.

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