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Vastu Tips for your Family Relation

Family is where life's ultimate power lies. Our family is a part of all of our joys, sorrows, and challenges, and they are always there for us when we need them. The most crucial component of any social structure is family ties. Your life becomes sad and disorganized if family ties are skewed and there is conflict between you and other family members.

Your life was fraught with insecurities as a result, and the family's expansion was also affected. Arguments, disagreements, and miscommunications can cause the relationship's harmony to suffer. There may be a Vastu flaw causing the relationship's discord. When certain objects are placed incorrectly, it might cause unneeded arguments and breakups.

Why having a Vastu-friendly home is Important

The house has a lot of vibrations and energy flowing through it, which has an impact on the residents' relationships and quality of life. A person's mood can be significantly impacted by any type of Vastu fault. There are 16 zones in a house, according to Vastu, that might have an impact on how people interact with one another. North-west is the direction that increases your relationship with your family, whilst South-West has an impact on parent-child and husband-wife relationships.

Rooms' directions

The atmosphere of the home has a big impact on a husband and wife's relationship. South should be the direction of their bedroom. You'll avoid conflict, fights, and maintain the love in your relationship if your bedroom faces this direction. Also, placing a couple in love at the southwest corner will improve your marriage.

Family Photo

The surroundings of the home should be serene and cool because they have an impact on the residents' health. It also improves peoples' quality of life. A family photo should be hung on the south-west wall of the house. It strengthens the bonds of love among family members.

Family-friendly Vastu advice

  • Your family ties might be strengthened through money plants. Bamboo trees and money plants do well in the northeast. This will help you radiate positivity and strengthen your financial position.
  • Orient a painting of the sun towards the east. It strengthens your social connections.
  • Make sure the entrance wall is not exposed. The Lord Ganesha statue or painting can be placed or hung to fight against loneliness, which is symbolised by a naked wall.
  • Arrange landscape in a northeasterly direction to aid with vision and planning.

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